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Composition of Board and Names of Committee 
  Composition of Board
Audit Committee Charter
 Stakeholders Relationship Committee
 Nomination and Remuneration Committee
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Corporate Announcement 
  Intimation of Board Meeting 06.11.2023
  Outcome of Board Meeting 06.11.2023
  RPT from 01.10.2022 to 31.03.2023
 RPT from 01.04.2023 to 30.09.2023
  Voting Result 20.07.2023
  Scrutinizer Report 20.07.2023
  Proceedings of EGM 20.07.2023
  BM Intimation 29.07.2023
  BM Outcome 08.06.2023
  Adjournment of Board Meeting 08.06.2023
  BM Intimation 06.06.2023
  BM Intimation 25.04.2023
  BM Outcome 25.04.2023
  BM Intimation 11.04.2023
  BM Outcome 11.04.2023
  Voting Result 14.02.2023
  Proceedings of EGM 14.02.2023
  Scrutinizer Report 14.02.2023
  BM Intimation 06.02.2023
  BM Outcome 06.02.2023
  Newspaper Publication for EGM - 23-01-2023
  Notice of EOGM -2023
  BM Outcome 18.01.2023
  BM Intimation 18.01.2023
  BM Outcome 28.12.2022
  BM Intimation 28.12.2022
  BM Outcome 12.12.2022
  Adjournment of Board Meeting
  BM Intimation 07.12.2022
  BM Intimation 11.11.2022
  Voting-Result 27.09.2022
  Scrutinizers-Report 27.09.2022
  Proceedings of AGM 27.09.2022
  BM Intimation 25.07.2022
  BM Outcome 25.07.2022
  BM Intimation 18.05.2022
  BM Outcome 18.05.2022
  BM Intimation 18.01.2022
  BM Outcome 18.01.2022
  BM Intimation 01.11.2021
  BM Outcome 01.11.2021
 Proceeding of AGM_2021
 Scrutiniser Report AGM_2021
 Voting Result AGM_2021
 Instruction of E-Voting for the AGM 2021
 AGM Notice 2021
  BM Intimation 27.08.2021
  BM Outcome 27.08.2021
  BM Intimation 12.08.2021
  BM Outcome 12.08.2021
  Outcome of BM 21.06.2021
  Board Meeting Intimation 21.06.2021
  Financial Result March 2021 Advt
  Public Notice Advertisement_Regd Office
  BM Outcome 03.02.2021
  BM Intimation_03.02.2021
  Outcome of BM 14.11.2020
  BM Intimation_14.11.2020
  Outcome of BM 04.09.2020
  BM Intimation_04.09.2020
  Outcomeof BM_15.07.2020
  BM Postponement_15.07.2020
  BM Intimation_30.06.2020
  Outcome of Board Meeting_03.07.2020
  Outcome Result 22.6.2020_Postal Bonus
  Notice of Postal Ballot - Keerti
  Outcome of Board Meeting 20.05.2020
  BM Postponed2ndtime_20.05.2020
  BM Postponed_15.04.2020
  BM Intimation_23.03.2020
  Board Meeting outcome_28.01.2020
  EOGM Notice_10.01.2020
  Notice of EOGM-KKSL 2019
  Corrigendum Notice of EOGM-KKSL Dated 04.12.2019
  Outcome of The Board Meeting Dated 04.12.2019
  Intimation of Re-scheduling of Board Meeting Date( 27.11.2019 to 04.12.2019 )
  Intimation of Board Meeting 27.11.2019
  AGM Proceeding_27.09.2019
  Voting Result AGM_27.09.2019
  Intimation for Appointment of Retiring Director_27.09.2019
  Intimation for Appointment of Auditors_27.09.2019
 Outcome of Board Meeting 27.08.2019
 Intimation of Board Meeting 27.08.2019
  Outcome of Board Meeting 28.05.2019
  Intimation of Board Meeting 28.05.2019
  Resignation of Sonia Bhatia
 Outcome of Board Meeting Dated 06.05.2019
 Intimation of Board Meeting Dated 06.05.2019
 Outcome of Board Meeting Dated 14.11.2018
 Intimation of Board Meeting dated 14.11.2018
 Outcome of Board Meeting Dated 27.10.2018
 Intimation of Board Meeting dated 27.10.2018
 Director Re-appoint Letter Dated 17.09.2018
 AGM Proceeding Letter Dated 17.09.2018
 Outcome of Board Meeting Dated 10.08.2018
 Intimation of Board Meeting dated 10.08.2018
 Outcome of Board Meeting Dated 28.05.2018
 Intimation of Board Meeting dated 28.05.2018
 Outcome of Board Meeting Dated 14.11.2017
 Intimation of Board Meeting dated 14.11.2017
  Director Re-appoint Letter Dated 25.09.2017
 Auditor Changes Letter Dated 25.09.2017
 AGM Proceeding Letter Dated 25.09.2017
  Intimation Of Annual General Meeting Letter Dated 31.08.2017
  Book Closure For AGM September 18, 2017 To September 25, 2017
  Outcome Of Board Meeting 31.08.2017
 Intimation To Stock Exchange 28.08.2017
 Intimation To Stock Exchange 19.02.2017

Investor Grievance Cell 
Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
Ms. Priyanka Pandey
Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
26/202, Upper Floor,
Anand Nagar, Nehru Road,
Vakola, Santacruz (East)
Mumbai 400055
Tel:+ 91-22-26550480
Registrar & Share Transfer Agent (RTA) Details
C-101, 1st Floor, 247 Park,
L.B.S. Marg, Vikhroli (West),
Mumbai-400 083
Tel: +91-22-4918 6000