The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others.
― Sudhakar Sonawane

It was year 1997 when Shri Sudhakar Sonawane set out to build a chain of institutes that would offer courses in basic computing, hardware, networking, software, animation etc.. The USP of Keerti was that these courses were offered at affordable fees to the middle class, setting the trend for Affordable IT Education.

To his delight he found an immense response to his maiden venture with a modest size training centre at Bandra, in the city of Mumbai. Students disillusioned with fancy institutes and their fancy price tags found relief in the clean and frill free education at fees that brought a smile to their faces.

As success begets success, like minded professionals impressed with the business model and values of Shri Sudhakar Sonawane chose to become his franchisees.

In agreement with the strategy of selecting location close to high density areas, they all meticulous chose their locations and established the centres and equipped them with all the necessary training aids. The strategy of selective locations has paid rich dividends and have helped in maximising the returns on marketing investments.

Having initiated the business and tasted early success, it became imperative for the him to ensure that this success is repeated, this was easier said than done, however, his disciplined approach to operations, a keen eye on quality and customer satisfaction, combined with his empathetic approach to man management enabled him to convert the imperative to a regular standard and soon the success became a habit resulting into creating a strong legacy of Keerti Group. Today Keerti is a large network of 90 plus centres, concentrated mostly in Mumbai and Thane.

Under the aggressive leadership of Shri Sudhakar Sonawane, Keerti is poised to expand its horizons and plans to foray into the areas of High End Technical Programs, Skill Development, E Learning, Placement and Training aiming to spread the network beyond the Indian shores.